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Yoast SEO: das ultimative Tutorial zum WP SEO Tool.
Bei den Supportanfragen werden Premium-User vorrangig behandelt. So kann es vorkommen, dass die User der kostenlosen Tool-Variante etwas länger auf eine Antwort warten müssen. Ein weiterer Kritikpunkt von Anwendern ist der umfassende Code des Plugins: Dadurch kann es zu Komplikationen wie längeren Ladezeiten, Indexierungsproblemen oder Schwachstellen in der Website-Sicherheit kommen. Expertentipp: Less is more. Frage dich daher, welche Features der Erweiterung dir wirklich einen Mehrwert bieten. Auf diese Weise kannst du die Spreu vom Weizen trennen. Yoast SEO und seine Kompatibilität mit zahlreichen WordPress-Erweiterungen. Der wohl größte Vorteil dieser Erweiterung liegt in seiner Kompatibilität mit vielen Themes und Erweiterungen von WordPress. Laut WP funktioniert Yoast SEO optimal mit diesen Erweiterungen.: Der WordPress-Block-Editor, welcher auch als Gutenberg bekannt ist. Die offiziellen AMP-Erweiterung, mit der du deine Templates verändern kannst AMP-HTML-Format. Das Tool Elementor Website Builder, um High-End-Seitendesign und zusätzliche Features zu nutzen. Advanced Custom Fields, ein Tool welches die Aktivierung des ACF Content Analysis for Yoast SEO voraussetzt. Zapier, um den Ablauf deiner Veröffentlichungen zu automatisieren. Web Stories, der Google-Erweiterung für ansprechende Web-Geschichten Storytelling-Format. Im nachfolgenden Artikel-Abschnitt beschäftigen wir uns mit den zahlreichen Funktionen des SEO-Tools Yoast. Welche Funktionen bieten Yoast SEO Free und Yoast SEO Premium?
How to use the Yoast SEO plugin Winter Design.
Your website exists to provide people with information, and the pages that contain the most important information are the pages you should promote. Using the Yoast SEO plugin in these pages will act as a catalyst for these pages, to improve your on-page SEO. If your business sells coffee machines online, for example, you want to make sure each of your coffee machines has its own page which you can then optimise with the Yoast plugin.
The Ideal Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Settings 2020 Updated.
Thanks for the guidance! This is a very good step by step list for all SEO beginners! I am just learning SEO. Therefore, I pay close attention to this material. August 30, 2020 at 2:05: am. Thanks for Great work, Yoast already released their new version Version 14.8.1. Please update latest settings ASAP. We are waiting. August 30, 2020 at 12:14: pm. Thanks for the ping, Ill try to get this updated soon. I personally switched to Rank Math yesterday. August 30, 2020 at 1:05: am. Very useful guide ever. August 30, 2020 at 12:20: pm. August 12, 2020 at 12:31: pm. Hey Dude, do you know that you are amazing. This is the best guide in the whole universe. Im bookmarking this page now. Just updated my settings.
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We work particularly well with: The WordPress block editor or 'Gutenberg' editor The official AMP plugin, which changes your templates to use the 'AMP' HTML format Googles Web Stories plugin, which helps you to create ' web' stories’: The Advanced Custom Fields plugin, when you also activate the ACF Content Analysis for Yoast SEO plugin The Elementor website builder Zapier which helps you automate your publishing flow Algolia integration to improve the quality of your site search WordProof which helps you prove ownership by adding timestamps BUG REPORTSDo you want to report a bug for Yoast SEO? Best to do so in the WordPress SEO repository on GitHub Please note that GitHub is not a support forum and issues will be closed if they dont meet the bug requirements READ MOREWant more information on search engine optimization and Yoast SEO?
What Is Yoast SEO? The Ultimate Yoast SEO Guide From Diib.
A slug is the piece of a URL that identifies a specific page on a website in an easy to read format. In other words, its the part of the URL that explains the pages content. For example, in this URL:, and the slug simply is 'slug. What is the difference between a yoast premium account and a regular one? The biggest difference between Yoasts free version and Premium is the number of focus keywords you are allowed to target in a specific article. In the free version, you can target only one focus keyword, however in the premium version, you can target multiple focus keywords. What is my google verification code for yoast seo? Go to and click Verify your property, then select the property, then cut and paste the code into Yoast. Is there a yoast seo demo?
Yoast SEO vs All-in-One SEO Pack: What's' the Difference And Which One is For You.
Why do you think your rankings improve with AIOSEO? January 15, 2018. I am a blogger and a SEO professional. I am also prefers to use Yoast on all of my blogs and also used Yoast in many of my clients website and never faces any problem with this awesome plugins. May 14, 2018. Finally chose Yoast, because of its better search preview and breadcrumbs. May 21, 2018. Im with you on that choice. Thanks for the comment! May 17, 2018. Muhammad Hasan Bahtiar. June 28, 2018. Yoast SEO is awesome. I love its powerful content analysis tool and SEO score for my content. It helps me know when it is ready to publish. June 29, 2018. Hey Leona, Im also a huge fan. Thanks for taking the time to comment! November 1, 2018. I have used Yoast and All In One SEO Pack in the past on my sites.
Yoast SEO: Configurazione per la SEO by Wordpress AuxtinTech.
Per chi desidera personalizzare il tutto, vi rimando ad una pagina di Yoast in cui si descrivono tutti i codici utilizzabili: Pagina Yoast. Oltre al Titolo, abbiamo altre tre voci, ovvero Metadati Robot, Data nello snippet di anteprima, Yoast SEO Meta Box.
How to get the most out of the Wordpress Yoast SEO plugin.
Yoast SEO now also offers a Readability Check. The readability analysis consists of readability checks such as sentence length, paragraph length, use of subheadings, use of passive voice. If you write a readable text, the plugin will indicate this with another green bullet. A green bullet doesnt mean that your content will be in the top results on Google. Youve done everything right, all your bullets are green, but still your page doesnt show up in the top results on Google? Unfortunately, its not so easy anymore. Google has only so much space for top results and you can bet that all those pages have optimized their keywords. There are a lot of other things that Google is looking for when determining how to rank your page, such as the age of your domain, links from other websites to your page those are called backlinks and engagement. Stop being obsessed by the green bullets. If youre copy/pasting keywords throughout your content to make Yoast happy, I want you to stop it right now. A lot of my posts are well optimized they are super useful and organized and half my bullets are red.
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Wordpress offers this plugin for free with one template, but we suggest upgrading to the paid version of the plugin if you want to take your content marketing to the next level. SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant provides tips with.: Analyzing your content and gives a score based on how SEO-friendly writing is. How to improve SEO writing. Recommendations for you based on your target keywords. All in One SEO Pack. The All in One SEO Pack is so popular and easy to use. No wonder it is currently active on more than three million WordPress sites. This SEO plugin is similar to Yoast and is perfect for SEO beginners and advanced users alike.
How to Setup Yoast SEO for WordPress Correctly.
One of my favorite things about Yoast is it makes SEO simple and doesnt require you to know how to code. The plugin walks you through every step and uses easy-to-understand color codes to show you where there are issues. Thenit tells you how to fix those issues. Heres an example of what the plugin looks like in the backend of your WordPress site.: Ill get into how to download it and set it up a bit later, but I want to show you what it looks like now so you can see how simple it is. There are two versions of Yoast - one is free and one requires payment. For most smaller sites, you can easily get what you need from the free version. Larger or more technical sites will benefit from the pay version. Both versions offer.: The ability to adjust your SEO title, URL slug, and meta description. Optimization tips for SEO title, URL slug, and meta description. A preview of how your post will show up on mobile and Google search results. An analysis of keyword usage. An internal link counter. And a readability check. The paid version of Yoast also offers.:
Optimize Content Like a Pro Using Yoast SEO Forge and Smith.
Just like the keyphrase in the slug and title, this recommendation is more about earning clicks by clearly describing your content. Google doesnt use keywords in your meta description as a ranking factor, but other search engines like Bing and Yahoo powered by Bing do put weight into your meta description content. The meta description is the copy that appears in the search results below your title and URL. If a potential customer is shown 7-10 Google search results on page one, and youre somewhere in the middle, a super engaging meta description can make or break that search for you. Think of it as your only opportunity to convince someone to read your content - because it is! If you dont create a custom meta description using the Yoast SEO snippet box, Google will pull an excerpt from the first copy from your page.
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Pros: an extensive variety of features for one WordPress plugin. Quick and easy interface. Available as a free open-source option. It is top free SEOplugin on the market. One of the most widelyused SEO tools. Cons: Potential decrease in Website speed. Cost of add-ons and upgrades. WordPress SEO by Yoast Premium is $80. 2, 500, 000. All in One SEO Plugin Pack Installs.

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